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Welcome to Sonata Marketing, LTD


Sonata Marketing is an Independant Distribution company that specializes in high quality, boutique musical instrument products.


My name is John Files and I am the Principal at Sonata Marketing, LTD. My career in MI began in 1975 as a part-time sales associate. Since that beginning I moved on to full-time sales, then later, the manager of many ‘mom ‘n’ pop’ retail stores. I was the Store Manager (w/ 39 sales people that I helped train) for a large “BigBox” outlet years ago. My next venture was my own retail outlet, ‘Bass Emporium’, which I owned and operated until 2012. I then went to work for a few premier music products companies where I built websites, manned the NAMM booths, helped with product development and continued to take inbound calls from dealers.

Now begins the last phase of my retail lifecycle where I function in a B2B environment and help you source the products that can make your retail store more profitable. It’s great to see and hear from many of you that I have worked with in other positions and I am fortunate to have this opportunity to serve you all. If you are a retailer looking for product lines, let me know. If you are a supplier / manufacturer that needs distribution, representation or sales, let me know this as well. Sonata Marketing, LTD. is located in Austin, Texas.

Check out my personal and business profile on my LinkedIn website.

John Files

Founder and CEO

Chuck Brown

Operations Manager & Logistics

Lauren Leon

Marketing & Communications

Web Services, Design and Marketing

Sonata Marketing also develops websites, designs marketing programs andhelps educate and train small business owners.

Is Sonata available to design and build a website for me turnkey?

Yes, we have built many websites for our partners, customers and friends in the MI industry. We can tackle any subject, but we have deep industry knowledge about MI that gives us an edge.


Wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest for me to hire you to develop my website since you develop websites for others in this industry as well as your own?

Not at all. It is very common for developers to stay within one market. The MI segment is a very small industry and you can ask around about us. We keep any information under wraps. We also work with NDAs, if you choose to submit one.


How much does it cost to develop a website, including shopping cart, for my business?

That can vary a lot. The things that affect the price are; design work required, number of pages needed, the number of products or SKUs you are selling, whether your concept is complete and how much of the work you might be willing to contribute getting all material uploaded.