ELRICK USA HAND CARVED BASSES: Hand-carved from the finest hardwoods, Elrick Basses feature bodies of swamp ash or alder. Necks are constructed of quarter-sawn hard maple or quarter-sawn wenge, a 24 fret + zero fret wenge fretboard is standard. 4-string basses feature 34” scale, 35” scale is standard on all other instruments, many other scales are also available by special request. All models feature 2-way truss rods, custom Elrick bridge, Hipshot hardware, Dunlop straploks, Bartolini pickups and 3-band active/passive preamp as original equipment.

ELRICK EXPAT SERIES BASSES: Expat Series basses are hand-made in cooperation with our European manufacturing partners. All instruments include the same select lumber and American made components used in my line of USA hand-carved instruments.