I strongly believe that the sound lies In both the hands and head of the musician, as much as in the instrument itself. In 30 years of playing, I have had all sorts of amps, enjoying each one of them. Yet they all had their
own ‘colour’, and their own sound.

Since I needed to hear the sound of each of my instruments, appreciating all of their shades, I decided that my amp had to be absolutely ‘pure’. Therefore, I designed an amp characterized by a flat EQ, able to generate an unaltered sound, with no boosted bass, ‘scooped’ mid, or sharp high frequencies. This amp is effectively able to provide a ‘pure’ sound, which can be later carved according to one’s taste through the EQ and different filters.

The ‘Pure Sound’ is my philosophy as well as the first GRBASS amp I personally conceived and designed to meet my needs. Many colleagues, after a few times with it, found out something they had not yet realized: the true sound of their bass. Since that moment, the GRBASS was born. If you too want to know what your instrument sounds like, then you just to find it out with us.

Gianfranco Rizzi