Web Design and Development

The Sonata Marketing Web Design & Development team has been working with clients since 2002. We have deep domain knowledge in Retail, particularly Music Products and related fields. This gives us a great advantage over most development teams because of our 44 years of retail background and expertise in the MI sales space, whether it be the sales floor, management, big-box, boutique store fronts or wholesale distribution.

While development, design and consultation is the core component, we also train the web owner/manager so that they can maintain and operate the backend systems on a day-to-day basis. This not only keeps the cost down for the web owner, but allows updates and changes to happen quickly since they do not have to rely on a third party to execute their desires.

Contact us and ask about our process and we will be happy to help you get a handle on what is involved as far as time and expense and will outline our expectations and will develop a timetable for you. The call or email is no charge and we only start the clock once we both enter into a development arrangement.

Some of our clients

Club Bass & Guitar, Toronto, Canada
Modern Vintage Guitars
Awaken Wellnes Within Reach
Agave Design
Bergantino Audio Systems, Whitinsvile, MA
Elrick Guitars, Chicago, IL
Cardinal Instruments
Sonata Marketing