What We Do

Sonata Marketing represents only the very best in Musical Instrument products available today, whether manufactured in the United States or any location in the world. We import and distribute products, we exclusively handle products that we help design, we are the contact point for small builders, we develop marketing strategies for music retailers, wholesalers and start-up companies and we provide a myriad of other marketing services are centered around the musical products channel.

What We Represent

We are the sole sales agents for Elrick Guitars and Basses working with custom builds and retailer communications, as well as marketing programs. We are an exclusive partner for Modern Vintage Guitars and Basses and contribute develop energy and direction to the models and products under this brand. We are the sole representatives for Elrick Fundamentals strings and distribute these brands world-wide.

Why We Do It

We do this day in a day out because we have no choice – we are obsessed with all things musical. Our staff has a combined 95 years experience in the Music Retail and Distribution business. While not the most profitable career path, our minds are always filled with ideas and dreams about the future of MI products and we have a lot of history (over 70 NAMM shows alone!) to help guide us forward through these uncertain times!

Why You Need Us

If you are a small or chain, or in independent MI company you need us because we understand your pain points and live your daily lives ourselves. We have been on all sides of this wonderful business; Part-Time Sales Associate, Full-Time Sales Associate, Small Store Manager, Corporate ‘MI Chain’ Store Manager, MI Store Owner. MI Advertising and Marketing Professionals, Product Distributors and Product Development partners. We have lived your life and have a unique perspective to help you succeed. Please contact us and we can assist you, regardless of your need.

Thanks For Stopping By!